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Jowett Car Club Americas
JCCA Spares
Parts available to members and affiliated clubs. Prices do not include shipping.

Side window rubber weather/draft strip.
An exact reproduction of the original.

Rear Bonnet rubber buffer (pair)                                     $20.00

Spin on oil filter adaptor, for Fram PH43 oil filter.            $20.00

Top Hose Y 2" x 1" stainless steel.               $ 60.00

Intake manifold spacers for Webber Carburetors.             $40.00
34 mm ID x 25mm thick, matches original wedge
manifold spacer.

Parts From Jim Miller.

 *Bonnet hinges (1 set) cast in aluminum drilled and machined. $25.00 If you have ever broken one and they do break you probably could not get it welded for that much money.

 * Bonnet clasp knobs alloy cast drilled and tapped $10 ea. must be finish polished or chromed to suit. If you drive you car these are known to fall off. I had it happen on the M1 outside London and hand to run out to retrieve a badly beaten up knob.

 * Spare tire clamp alloy cast $ 10 ea.

 * Turn signal knob $ 10 ea. Cast in alloy drilled and tapped with set screw. Must finish and paint to suit.

 * Exhaust flanges precision flame cut steel 1 3/4 " ID.

 * Jupiter front torsion bar bushes for the adjustable end mount. $20.00  a set. These are not available anywhere and must be a specific dimension ID and OD.  One unit makes two bushes cut length to fit. Made of soft flexible urethane.

 Make all inquiries to me at Postage will be US mail @ cost if it fits it ships any where in the US ( lower 48 onlyI believe)which includes the box. Whatever that amount is.

Fuel tank. P.O.A
Seat frame. P.O.A
Steering wheel restoration of your original core. P.O.A
Radiator P.O.A
Cam Shaft P.O.A

  Parts and Service

Jowett parts USA.
Scott Renner.
Los Alamitos CA
Services: Complete car restoration. Engine and transmission rebuild.
Spare parts. New aluminum Radiators. Steering wheel rims re-cast.
USA Jowett Parts

New Zealand Jowett Car Club.
New and Used Jowett Spare Parts
Services: Jowett Cars are well served for spare parts... new, rebuilt and second hand spares.
The Jowett Car Club of NZ in conjunction with affiliated Jowett Car Clubs Internationally
has critical parts remanufactured to ensure no cars are off the road for the want of a part.
(Available only to members of the Jowett Car Club or affiliated Clubs)

Jowett New Old Stock or Remanufactured Parts
Jowett Parts (NZ) is part of the Jowett Car Club of NZ Inc
Phone: 09 838 7910
Fax: 09 838 7910

Jowett Used Parts
Both Southern and Northern branches have extensive stocks of used parts in Auckland and Christchurch
Enquiries to:
Christchurch: Chris 03 338 191

Jowett parts wanted.

Any original Jowett parts. Please contact the North American Jowett Register.